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Through Christ you have the power to overcome sin, to live the way He lived, and to spread the good news! Inner Man Radio is here to equip and encourage you along the path to victory. Ready? Let’s go!

Featured Episode: Learning From Our Enemies

Duration: 35:50 | Download MP3 (39 MB)

Have you ever felt the sting of being accused of something lacking in your character? By a friend? Family member? Maybe an ENEMY? The scriptures give us some great insight into how to not only handle such criticism, but turn it into an opportunity. Ready? Let’s GO!

News: Man Up Challenge 2016

It’s Inner Man Radio’s Man Up Challenge 2016, where we challenge you (and ourselves) to be better men. Men and women who fulfill God’s purpose on this earth. So men (and women!)… are you ready to Man Up? STAY TUNED!