Boots On The Ground

Candid and insightful interviews with the fellas who are making it happen! We can learn from these guys.

#26: Boots On The Ground - Interview with Jeff McGraw

Duration: 30:00 | Download MP3 (40 MB)

In our series “Boots On The Ground” we gain insight into what it takes to get things done by interviewing the ones who are doing the work! Jeff McGraw of Lancaster (LANkester), OH is one of those people. Jeff gives us valuable insight into how he gets it done, what challenges he sees facing Christian men today, and what the biggest opportunities we have in this day and age. Let’s learn from Jeff!

#35: Interview - Steve Doty Direct Connect Humanitarian Aid

Duration: 41:30 | Download MP3 (30 MB)

Join us as we interview the definition of a fascinating everday hero. Steve Doty, the founder and director of Direct Connect Humanitarian Aid sheds light on some of DCHA’s most recent projects - introducing us to people who are truly doing amazing things. DCHA is a humanitarian aid organization that exists to support local people who are already doing the work of serving others. By connecting those with a heart to serve with resources they need, DCHA is making a difference in places like Belarus, Kosovo, Vietnam and other countries as well. Steve not only introduces us to DCHA but stirringly shares his own background as a social orphan and what led him to found Direct Connect. You can learn more about DCHA at