Making Disciples

For most Christians, this is a MONUMENTAL STRUGGLE. How do we introduce the gospel to our friends, neighbors, family and co-workers? How do we turn those conversations into something that will last in their lives? How. Do. We. We. Make. Disciples? This series tackles this subject in basic form, and challenges us to think about some things we may have never thought about before. Ready to win? Let’s GO!

#13: Making Disciples #3 - Helping Build Faith In Others

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Feeeeelings. Nothing more than… okay you get the point. Often times we equate an emotional experience with faith building. It CAN be, temporarily. But to stand the test of time, the roots have to go deeper, and must affect daily life. When making disciples, we must help a person take an important step in their thinking. “The things I’m learning in the Bible really apply to my daily situation. The Bible DOES have answers for me.” In this episode, we outline some ways to help a person connect the CRITICAL dots between the scriptures and the answers they seek in daily life. It might seem insignificant, but THIS is where the Bible becomes practical. In other words, more than a feeling. Ready? Lets GO!

#14: Making Disciples #4 - The Gospel in 2 Minutes Or LESS!

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McDonalds is fast. Starbucks is fast. Microwave popcorn is fast. Presenting the gospel is… fast? While we don’t want to drag things out longer than they need to be, the fact is that fast-food Christianity is a lot like fast-food itself. Quickly consumed, quickly forgotten. While the consumer is left wanting, the seller feels like they accomplished something. But it seems that most methods of presenting the gospel really are the quick and easy variety. What better way is there to present the gospel that will be more likely to produce lasting fruit? In this episode we offer a better path than the Romans Road. Ready? Let’s GO!

#15: Making Disciples #5 - Fish or Cut Bait

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In every relationship we have to ask the question: Is that person who they say they are? The answer to that question determines who we will trust, affiliate with and lean on. The same is true in building a relationship with Christ. Who is He? In this episode we help our friend come to the critical point of having to answer the question that Jesus asks: “Who do you say that I am?” The answer to this question determines everything. Ready? Let’s GO!

#16: Making Disciples #6 - Marriage and…Water?

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Marriage. It’s kind of a big deal, and it’s not for everyone. Is the person you are studying with ready? Some things to help them consider when making the decision to become the bride of Christ. Also, HOW do we help them become Christians? The Sinner’s Prayer? Getting in the water? Both? Neither? Be ready to be challenged… no matter WHICH direction you are coming from. Ready? Let’s GO!