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#38: The Spiritual Revolution - What Is It?

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Are you a spiritual revolutionary? For the purposes of our discussion, a spiritual revolutionary is someone who views their relationship to sin COMPLETELY differently than most of the Christian world. As a result, people are WINNING in their personal lives. It’s not law. It’s not licentiousness. It’s new wine. Are you ready for it?

#37: Lies We Allow Ourselves To Believe: Listen To Find Out

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Part of our series “Lies We Allow Ourselves To Believe”, this lie has grown and grown to the point where most don’t even recognize it’s
roots. But they run deep and have spread far. Calvinism. Do you believe in it? Is it so bad? You may be surprised at the answers.

#36: Interview - Steve Doty: Overcoming Sin

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Everyday hero to many: Steve Doty in our first interview introduced us to Direct Connect Humanitarian Aid, what DCHA is doing in 8 countries around the world, and how a social orphan with a troubled past came to found a humanitarian organization. In this episode, Steve gives us the secret to overcoming sin in our personal lives. Want to win? Then you’ll definitely want to listen close and maybe even take some notes.

#35: Interview - Steve Doty Direct Connect Humanitarian Aid

Duration: 41:30 | Download MP3 (30 MB)

Join us as we interview the definition of a fascinating everday hero. Steve Doty, the founder and director of Direct Connect Humanitarian Aid sheds light on some of DCHA’s most recent projects - introducing us to people who are truly doing amazing things. DCHA is a humanitarian aid organization that exists to support local people who are already doing the work of serving others. By connecting those with a heart to serve with resources they need, DCHA is making a difference in places like Belarus, Kosovo, Vietnam and other countries as well. Steve not only introduces us to DCHA but stirringly shares his own background as a social orphan and what led him to found Direct Connect. You can learn more about DCHA at

#33: Lies We Allow Ourselves To Believe: “I Could Be More Useful To God IF…”

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Second in our series Lies We Allow Ourselves To Believe, this lie is incideous in that it is couched in humility. Yet it renders us powerless to accomplish God’s purpose. What if we have believed (or still believe) this lie? We offer some motivation and ACTIONABLE steps to busting through the funk this lie causes.

#32: FB, Yelling, Politics and Religion

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In today’s culture it’s tempting to think that lampooning our adversaries with a quick meme or condescending label will win our argument. A few “Likes” and BOOM! We WON! While satire is a good tool for making points, if we want to truly help people move from point A to point B, we need to use some different tools in our tool belt. In this episode we compare and contrast both styles and give some tips on how to engage in a constructive way. Hint: Being willing to be proven wrong is key.

#31: Lies We Allow Ourselves To Believe: Episode One

Duration: 32:00 | Download MP3 (34 MB)

Lies! There are some popular but nasty ones out there that are hindering Christians from winning spiritual battles. We debunk some of those lies in this series, starting with one of the nastiest: That in Christ, we are still flawed and are destined to be slaves to sin. Be ready to be challenged and equipped and WIN!

#30: Christianese (More Than Just Words?)

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What do governments (from communist to good old ‘merica) know about controlling their citizens that we should take note of in the church? In this episode, we discuss a topic (hopefully engagingly so) that most have kicked to the curb to their peril. What we say and what we mean by it can affect peoples’ souls: Ours, our neighbors & friends, and our kids. Here is a link to a video we are discussing: Special thanks to Rob O’Keefe of Lancaster, Ohio for his valuable insight that helped us put this episode together!