Lies We Allow Ourselves To Believe

There are a number of nasty little lies that Christians tend to believe. Usually it’s because the lies sound so humble and righteous. But in the end they render a Christian powerless to accomlish God’s purpose here on earth. We expose these lies and their underlying assumptions, offering steps we can use to overcome them.

#31: Lies We Allow Ourselves To Believe: Episode One

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Lies! There are some popular but nasty ones out there that are hindering Christians from winning spiritual battles. We debunk some of those lies in this series, starting with one of the nastiest: That in Christ, we are still flawed and are destined to be slaves to sin. Be ready to be challenged and equipped and WIN!

#33: Lies We Allow Ourselves To Believe: “I Could Be More Useful To God IF…”

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Second in our series Lies We Allow Ourselves To Believe, this lie is incideous in that it is couched in humility. Yet it renders us powerless to accomplish God’s purpose. What if we have believed (or still believe) this lie? We offer some motivation and ACTIONABLE steps to busting through the funk this lie causes.

#37: Lies We Allow Ourselves To Believe: Listen To Find Out

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Part of our series “Lies We Allow Ourselves To Believe”, this lie has grown and grown to the point where most don’t even recognize it’s
roots. But they run deep and have spread far. Calvinism. Do you believe in it? Is it so bad? You may be surprised at the answers.

#39: Answering Calvin - Part 2

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Part 2 in our series examining Calvinism. What about the scriptures that seem to indicate we are simply at the mercy of God and his soverign choices concerning our lives? Do we play any part in the salvation process? If so, what is that role? We tackle the tricky scriptures.

Highlights: God’s choice combine with our choice. God’s foreknowledge and where that fits in the picture. Marriage relationship as an illustration. Pancakes!

John 6:65, Ephesians 1:4,11, Romans 9:10-16, Exodus 5, Matt 22:14, 2 Thess 2:13 - 14, 1 Peter 1:1-2, 2 Peter 1:10