Youth Immersion

Kids getting baptized. How old is old enough? At what age does God hold children accountable for their sins? In this series we address those questions and more, talking candidly as parents with the same concerns, and what to do if one finds themselves (or their children) immersed as youth.

#27: Youth Immersion - How Old Is Old Enough?

Duration: 30:00 | Download MP3 (45 MB)

Is my child old enough to become a Christian? Is there a magical age? What if my child were to die today, would they go to heaven? At what age does the grace that covers children cease to cover them? As parents these questions are probably on the back (or front) of our minds quite often, especially as our children reach certain age milestones - 12, 16, 18, 21, etc. Here are some principles to help guide us as we ask these questions. For an in-depth study, check out Steve Compton’s work on the subject here -

#28: Youth Immersion Part 2 - What Now?

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A follow up to our Youth Immersion episode, where we examined at what age is appropriate for a person to be immersed into Christ. What is a person to do if they were immersed young? What if a person isn’t sure if they were old enough? What if, as parents, we encouraged or allowed our children to be immersed as youth? What now? Mark and Jason talk through their immersions as youth, what it did (and didn’t do) for them, as well as some practical steps moving forward. For an in-depth study on this topic, check out Steve Compton’s work on the subject -