Overcoming Sin

Tired of losing as a Christian? Sure, it’s noble sounding. “I tried to overcome this sin, but the Devil just go to me.” Yay for losing!!! In this series we challenge the notion that we are destined to lose to sin. What’s more, we replacing losing with winning. Yep. If you are tired of losing, but making a good show of it, this series is for you. If you want to WIN, this series is for you. Each episode builds on the last to change our mindset and give practical tools to win. We think it’s REVOLUTIONARY. You be the judge. Ready? Let’s GO!

#1: Not a Sinner Saved By Grace

Duration: 23:57 | Download MP3 (22 MB)

“I’m just a sinner saved by grace.” That sounds so humble and righteous, doesn’t it? Maybe it’s an excuse to fail. Are you tired of failing? In this episode we offer a view of God, His grace, Christ’s power and our state that quite simply might revolutionize your life. Ready? Let’s GO!

#2: Reasons To Believe We Can Win

Duration: 32:39 | Download MP3 (30 MB)

Most Christians have been conditioned to accept losing to sin. As a result, that’s exactly what we do. Lose. But what SHOULD we expect? After all, we aren’t God. If you are wanting to win as a Christian, this second episode in our series “Overcoming Sin” is for you. Ready? Let’s GO!

#4: Face on Fire!

Duration: 23:26 | Download MP3 (21 MB)

Moses didn’t have anything on you! In fact, God used Moses as a perfect example of how He works to change our character. This fourth episode in our series “Overcoming Sin” offers a truly enlightening take how God transforms us. We have a hunch you haven’t heard anything like this before. Ready? Let’s GO!

#5: The Four Steps To Winning

Duration: 24:17 | Download MP3 (22 MB)

After ditching failure as an option for Christians (Episode 1), catching a glimpse of our potential in Christ (Episode 2), changing our life direction from losing in Christ to winning in Christ, (Episode 3) and being blown away by how God really transforms us (Episode 4), we are now ready to put it all together in four basic action steps. This is the capstone in our series “Overcoming Sin”. THIS is where the rubber meets the road. Ready? Let’s GO!