#107: The Real Deal - What About Today’s Israel

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Modern Israel is at the heart of global news as enemies of the nation state continue their efforts to wipe Israel off the map or at the very least, neutralize it. And to be sure, the chorus of modern ‘prophesy experts’ grows louder with each attack, claiming that to not stand with Israel is to not stand with God’s people and in fact - is to stand AGAINST God and His people. Is this right? What’s the root of this sentiment? Where does it come from? Is God’s plan centered around physical Israel? Are today’s events a fulfillment of prophesy that God will establish His kingdom? What IS a Christian to think of physical Israel, anyway? Who ARE God’s chosen people? What IS God’s unfolding plan?

Big questions that have Biblical answers. In this episode we’ll discuss:

1) The modern sentiment toward Israel of mainstream Christianity as revealed through modern geo-political events
2) Our shared heritage with the Jewish people and affinity toward modern Israel
2) The two foundational assumptions contributing to mainstream Christianity’s view toward physical Israel
3) Who Israel is, according to the Bible
4) Replacement Theology: What is it? Is it Biblical? Is it anti-semitic?
5) The root cause of violence toward Jewish people
6) What a Christian’s attitude toward Israel should be, according to the Scriptures.

Scriptures discussed will include:

1) Romans 2:11
2) Acts 10:34
3) Leviticus 19:15
4) Romans 9:3-8
5) Romans 9:27
6) Romans 11:28-31
7) Romans 11:1-5
8) Galatians 4:22-31
9) Galatians 6:15-16

Audio used for educational purposes include:

1) “Stand with Israel” - John Hagee - soundclip from video on Christians United for Israel UK -https://youtube.com/shorts/nArRZlf0Gs8?si=SMEla-KBIKH3WYmA
2)”From the river to the sea…” chant - @Polishmigrants https://youtube.com/shorts/nArRZlf0Gs8?si=SMEla-KBIKH3WYmA
3) Adolph Hitler Speech at Krupp Factory in Germany (1935) - https://youtu.be/FJ3N_2r6R-o?si=lemXgvfCFjoV6Rug

Citation from Liberty Universty -

1) Thomas D. Ice essay on Replacement Theology - https://digitalcommons.liberty.edu/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?article=1105&context=pretrib_arch