#63: What About Hell?

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In this episode, we continue our apologetics series - answering frequently asked questions about God, the Bible and Christianity. Perhaps no other topic is too hot to handle (sorry - couldn’t resist) in the way this topic is. The subject of hell has been used by religion over the years as a means of profit and control. This worked so long as enough people resonated with the message - that “If you don’t do this or that, you’re gong to hell.” Like any good business though, man made religion now shies away from the topic becuase it doesn’t resonate with the target audience. In fact, the idea of hell is repulsive to many. Talking about it is just to risky to the business model - which requires growth in attendance, donations and public standing.

However aside from all that, the question still stands: How could a loving God send people to an eternal punishment? Does the punishment really fit the crime? What about people who are good people but commit an eencie weencie violation… is hell justified for them? In the words of a recent U.S. presidential candidate, “C’mon man!”.

These are legitimate questions that have legitimate answers and we hope to do our best in giving those.