Slave or Free? What If I Sin?

Am I a slave to sin? How do I deal with sin in my life? This series is a follow-up to Overcoming Sin, but can be useful on it’s own merit. We challenge the commonly held belief that we are slaves to sin. And, we look at what the scriptures say should be our next step if we DO sin. Ready to win? Let’s GO!

#7: What If I Sin?

Duration: 26:20 | Download MP3 (24 MB)

So, you’ve bought into the New Creation, your potential in Christ, His ability to help us overcome sin and… you commit a SIN! Oh no! Does the process work? Are you a failure? Are you simply a “Sinner saved by grace?” What to do? This is a follow-up to our series “Overcoming Sin” that offers a fresh take on how to deal with our failures.

#8: What About Paul’s Slavery To Sin?

Duration: 20:51 | Download MP3 (19 MB)

Romans 7 - Proof of Paul’s slavery to sin, right? We take another look at Romans 7, and it’s context (Spoiler alert: It happens to fall between Romans 6 and 8). Paul says he is a wretched man, that nothing good dwells in him, that the things he wants to do, he doesn’t and the things he doesn’t want to do - he does. It’s as if he is powerless as a Christian to overcome sin. But IS HE? ARE WE? A take you have probably never heard. Ready? Let’s GO!